The China Diaries // Day 22

by - June 04, 2014

I'm super sleepy right now. I kept aside the laptop at 4:35 last night, which means I must have slept at around 4:50. I couldn't finish writing the blog yesterday any time before 4:35.

Everything was a mess yesterday, just like it was today, in the evening. Thankfully the speed is great right now, and I hope it remains the same till the end.
Yesterday night, the net's speed was great; however, in between when I was typing the post in blogger, the net got disconnected. I thought it would be temporary, so I continued writing the blog. In between I was putting all the stuff I wrote in a word document, as and when I finished writing three paragraphs or so.
Towards the end of yesterday's post (Day 20 and Day 21), I selected few end paragraphs, like I was doing for all the paragraphs, and pasted them on the word document. I was pasting it there to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

After correcting the grammar of the whole text, I closed its window, and did NOT save the document.
The net was still off, and I wasn't aware about it. I was happy as the writing part was done, and all I had to do was put images in between the text.
So for that I started inserting images. That time the said that the net was off. There wasn't an option to close this dialogue box as well. So I pressed the refresh button. That time warned saying if I clicked refresh, all the text would be lost.
I opened a word document, and commanded 'paste' on it. And that's how I got the end few paragraphs of yesterday's original post.

I clicked refresh, and lost all the written text, except first-two LINES. Imagine my level of frustration! I was left with no images and few paragraphs that meant nothing!

So I decided to post those few paragraphs, and added few images to make the post a sensible one. Literally I was very frustrated; I started crying. Not the "I cannot do anything" cry, but the "Damn! All my hard work in vain!" type of cry.

And while I was posting the images and giving the blog a final touch, the keyboard stood still. Nothing was happening on the screen, even after moving the cursor or pressing the keys. So I switched it off directly, by long-pressing the start button on the keyboard.
I was again frustrated; but this time I at least knew that 80% of the post was done writing.

Day 22

As I'd slept super-late yesterday, I could not open my eyes in the morning; but I had to, as the baby-boy was home. I was constantly fighting with the voices of my brain and the heaviness of my eyes. I'll be gone to India forever, and I won't be able to play with him after that; I was convincing myself. I'm sure all of you might have gone through this fight at least once in your life. It's just difficult to open your eyes some mornings.

Anyway, my brain won; I got up and I brushed. I don't like to open my mouth without brushing my teeth; so brushing as soon as I get up in the morning, is a must for me.
I washed my face, which had turned darker and my under-eyes, which looked puffy. I went in the hall (living room), drank water and sat there with mom and him. He was playing with mom, and at first, all I could do was smile at him with half opened eyes and touch his cheeks in between.

He is an angel, I feel. He is very cute, and mischievous. He doesn't stay still even for a second! He has to move every now and then! He has to climb on sofa, go inside, and climb on bed. He will repeat this until he finds something more interesting than this. He'll roam about in the house, and then play with mom. He doesn't like me, because I try to touch, kiss and hug him! Today he was very frustrated! I couldn't help; he's a cute, chubby baby. And his mom told us today he is two years old.
Gosh! I'm going to miss him.

Anyway, he was about to leave, and I gave him a Snickers. He was very happy and his mom asked him to thank me by saying "Xie xie". We bade him goodbye.

After he went, mom and I discussed how cute he was. I had lunch directly, without having breakfast today. And yes, it was Pav Bhaji for lunch! I had a stomach full of lunch. Later, it was getting darker and colder. Due to recovering of lost photos, my dad has been taking my laptop to his office for past couple of days. So while he works, he puts the 'photo recovery' task in the background.
Due to the recovery, I had his convertible tablet-notebook, and as nothing worked on it, I watched One Tree Hill.

The afternoon passed, and dad came at 6. I had milk instead of tea today, paired with chocolate chip cookies. Then for the rest of the evening, I was very bored and frustrated. I had clicked few photos for today's would-have-been post, but it turned out that they were corrupt. It just added to the boredom and frustration.

After that, we had dinner. Post dinner, we were searching something good to watch on TV. There was no good program, so we switched to the 'Video On Demand' menu. Almost an hour was passed, and we were still deciding which movie to watch. Finally we gave up. Eventually it was 10:30, and my parents went inside to sleep. Currently I am in the living room, writing blog; and the photo recovery is still on. I hope I get at least few good lost photographs.


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