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by - July 18, 2014

My best friend had come over today. Actually my group from school was meeting today; but as others had their colleges, they couldn't make it. And one of the friends from the group is going back to Karnataka for her education on this Sunday, so it was a must meeting her.

When she's at my place, my room seems like a stationary and clothes' store. I will show her all the cute stationary items like books, pens, clips, stick-notes, etc. that I've purchased lately, and we both will drool over them together. However, my room seems lesser like a clothes' store as she seldom try on my clothes; she tries them only if she has decided to pose for pictures. Whatever it is, it is fun. I always share a differnet kind of happiness with her.

When I go at her place, it is all makeup, hair, jewellery, photographs and clothes. She loves putting on makeup on others. So every time I'm at her home, she gets a model for herself to try on as much makeup as she likes. So my face becomes a canvas for her. I never say no to her for any makeup product, or any style of makeup. Also, I allow her to play with my hair.

Love it! And most importantly, she is just like me when it comes to creating things. She's made an expense book, and had brought it home today-

Her Expense Book. This cover indicates 'Day'.

It is as long as a long ruler...

...in fact, longer than a long ruler.

Loved the way she's written 'Expense Book', with a tree-like X.

 The rabbit is pretty cute too.

The back cover indicates the 'night'.

Her inside pages are interesting. As she stays in a hostel there, her expense book makes lot of sense.

She has used stick notes for months' names.

The 'balance left' system is pretty useful.

The best part of the book is the back side of the back cover page--She has made two pockets, and have written 'Insert Bills Here' and 'Insert Paper Here' on them.

Here, she keeps all the important bills and receipts of things she has purchased. She has stuck a dried petal on the pocket.

'Paper', in the context, refers to withdrawal receipts. She has organized them amazingly; I'll post about them soon. She has stuck a dried leaf on the pocket.

I've loved her idea of day and night, inside pages, and the pockets! Such creative.

Have you started keeping a track of your expenses yet?

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