The UK Diaries // Day 2

by - July 30, 2014

Day 2

We got up at 8:30 (IST or GMT I don't remember). We had to leave for brother's graduation ceremony at 1:00 GMT. I wasn't excited like I usually am, as my hair was a bit oily. Nevertheless, we brushed; and until we were done brushing, my brother had cooked Egg Bhurji and had made tea already. We could see the positive changes in him, and my mom was proud. (I wasn't showing my pride as my mom was chewing out on me for not helping her in household and being too lazy!)

We went upstairs to my brother's room to have breakfast. We closed the door behind us, and sat on the bed, talking. Every time I raised my voice, either to show my excitement over something, or to place my opinions, I was made quiet by my brother and mom. As with us, in other rooms, of course, there were my brother's roommates and one of their parents and brother too, my mom and brother were asking me to talk softly. Talking softly is definitely not my field of expertise.

Anyway, we chatted and frittered away the time till 11:30. After that, one by one, we had bath, which was followed by dressing ourselves up. My brother got a call before he could have bath; he immediately changed and went out to get photo copies of invitation for me and mom. It was almost 1:00 and he wasn't home yet.

Finally he came and he had bath and changed to suit. We immediately left, and it was dreadful to walk hurriedly in a saree. Yes, I had worn a saree for the ceremony; and I felt pretty in it. Our taxi was soon there, and we got in, and drove towards Rochester Castle. We got off the taxi, and while we were sitting on a bench, my brother went to take the gown. He returned wearing it.

Before the ceremony began, we clicked pictures near the castle. Surprisingly, everybody was looking at us due to the saree. My classmate had told me that they stared at women wearing sarees as it is something unique for them. (Probably that's the reason why I changed my mind from a formal dress to a saree.) I really loved the photographs that were clicked today.

Then in some time, we went inside the castle, which was an impeccably marvelous place. We settled down. My brother was sitting with other to-be graduates; he was made to sit like that by the university.

The ceremony began with a small speech by someone from the university, which was followed by a grand procession, where the Chancellor of his university, along with few other important men and women of the uni walked royally towards the stage. After three really long speeches by the important people of his uni, finally, the calling out of the names began.

In my mind, I was thinking hard on how to cheer after my brother goes up on the stage. I thought "C'mon betix! Wohoo" would've been perfect. (Oh by the way, both of my brother and I call each other 'betix'.) First they called out PhD holders, then the post graduates, and finally the graduates. It took lot of time. With every new category of course, my heart was beating faster.
Actually, I was scared of saying those motivational words out loudly in a passive crowd like that. Few of them were cheering like I had planned; but none of them were Indians; also, they were in large numbers, whereas, I was the lonely person to scream those words loudly.

So when they announced Mechanical Engineering course, I got up from my seat, and stood near a pillar. I kept my camera ready, along with settings and perfect frame. I was going to shoot a video, instead of pictures. As the students started going on the stage, I started the recording. Within few minutes, they called out my brother's name, and I ACTUALLY screamed what I had decided. I screamed so loudly that people started looking at me with a wide smile. You guys won't believe, but I was shivering before putting out the words. It was terrific.

My brother waved at me from the stage, after he shook hands with one of the important men. When I sat back on my seat, my mother scolded me for shaking the camera while shooting. The important handshake was sadly missed by me. I knew this would happen. I was gathering all my courage for my brother, so that he feels confident and cool on the stage. I preferred boosting his morale than shooting a good video with just a smile on my face with a soft wohoo.

Anyway, soon after all the names were called out, the ceremony ended. We later went under the shamiana for a refreshing drink. Others were celebrating on wine, whereas we had a glass full of orange juice. Soon we went home. We had planned to roam in Gillingham and Chatham.

We changed; I wore lavender colored Nike tee, blue Levi's Signature shorts, black Converse shoes, black Ray-Ban aviators, and black coloured studded skull sling bag. I finished my look with a messy hair bun. We went to my brother's university and clicked lot of pictures. We returned home till 8:00. We were crazily exhausted as his uni was forty-five minutes away from his house. We were extremely tired, and I felt like I should bang my legs on something--they were paining badly.

After reaching home, we ordered Indian meal from Lahori Kalahi Kitchen (or something) restaurant. They took more than an hour for the delivery, and we were damn hungry. Soon the parcel came, and we hogged on it. We later packed our bags as my brother was leaving the house with us next day itself. Imagine...we had to pack every single item of his room. (Of course, except the bed, table, chair, and closet!)

We soon slept under a quilt.

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