Parker Pens Beta Special Edition #2

by - July 21, 2014

Frankly, I do not have time to write a big post. Tomorrow morning at 8, we will leave house for airport. I'm done with packing; however, the last minute packing (like putting chargers in bag, food, etc.) is still left.

This pen is four months old: We had gifted it to one of our best friends on her 20th birthday. Actually it is our new rule to not get gifts for anyone; but as I knew how much she loved my Parker pen, I insisted to buy her a new pen just like mine.

I had clicked photos on her birthday before gifting her pen. I knew I would post it on TPCG someday. 

This pen costs Rs. 150 (I reckon so). I hope she doesn't read the price! We purchased red coloured polka dots because red is her favourite colour.

Do you like using fancy pens?

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