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by - July 12, 2014

Like I'd written here earlier that I was writing in my old school notebooks for college, and how clumsy I felt about it, I desperately needed to do something about it.

In India, it is difficult to find a stationary item with perfect qualities. We have to roam everywhere, seeking the best product that would satisfy us completely. Well, at least I do. I'm a lunatic when it comes to stationary. And it drives me nuts to not get the perfect product.

I searched in every shop, and in every mall's stationary store; but I couldn't find a nice notebook for college. A notebook shouldn't be overpriced. Of course, there were good books that I came across, but they were irrationally overpriced. Well I could have bought them, to satisfy my stationary desire, but it wasn't worth it--if it was overpriced and wasn't perfectly designed according to my needs, then what's the use of buying it? If I have to buy an overpriced book because of its lovely cover, I must see if it has as many pages as I want and that it is perfect enough.

After the search, I simply gave up. When home the other day, I searched for notebooks online. I really liked these two books by PAPERISTO on, and I made a purchase immediately. You guys have no idea how zealously I was waiting for them. Every time the doorbell rang, I used to hurry to open the door.

Finally, today when I wasn't home, they delivered the parcel home to my mom. I was with my best friends as it was one of my friends birthday. I couldn't, I swear, I couldn't wait to go home to see the books.

As soon as I opened the parcel, I was surprised to see four books! The two books that I thought I had purchased were in sets of two. So I actually paid for two books, and I got four books!
(The disappointment was seeing the 5 subject notebooks to be smaller than the usual A5 size.)

Long Spiral
 I am madly in love with its cover page. As you know, a cover page can do many tricks, sometimes even without caring if it is of our use or no.
I am lovesick right now.

It has 132 pages and is for Rs. 55.

It is single ruled. 

Unlike other spiral bound notebooks, this one has blue coloured wires, instead of white.

5 Subject Notebooks
I had mistaken them to be long books; but it isn't a big deal. As this is small, it will fit perfectly in my bag, plus it won't be heavy. 
I have started using the one with pink stripe already. 
(I'll post on TPCG soon on using this notebook.)

Each book has 240 pages and costs Rs. 60.

This book has purple coloured wires; how cool is that!

The inside pages have a place for writing Topic and Index; and I've used them correctly.

The colours of the dividers are so pretty (except for green). The colours are slightly different in real; they just appear this gaudy in pictures. 
The colours are Hot Pink, Peach (yes, peach; it doesn't seem so in the picture, but it is peach), Green, and Sky Blue.

Which notebooks are you using for college this semester? 

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