UK, Here I Come!

by - July 20, 2014

OK, let the cat come out of the bag--I am going UK day after tomorrow!! I am more than excited! I'm planning outfits, packing clothes, writing a list of tasks to do, and finally, cleaning myself up, for almost a week (but still I feel like I've got loads and loads to do!).

I don't know where to start from. I feel as if I am showing my true happiness here. For once, I'm not feeling big-headed, and I'm not feeling guilty (as if I'm boasting). I'm just writing here to tell you guys that I will fly to UK soon, and that, I wanted to release the happiness that was stuck inside of me, for all this while.

Anyway, I'm undergoing few tricks to know what is left to pack, things to buy, things to pack, tasks to do, and the outfits for the seven days I will be in UK.

I've made three lists--Tasks To Do, Outfits To Wear, and Things To Pack. I try my best to strike through or tick the things accomplished. I've got heaps of work left (inclusive of charging gadgets!).

My brother, who has completed his engineering successfully, has his graduation ceremony on the 23rd. As my father could not go to UK from China, my mom and I have to go.
I'll try my best to write a UK Diary like I did when I was in China (with the name The China Diaries), a month back.

I'm going to carry a mélange of warm and cool clothes, but with a weird 1:9 ratio. I'm going to wear New Look leather jacket, black handbag from China, Converse canvas shoes, and pink United Colors of Benetton polo t-shirt while flying to UK. You can also say, a mélange of feminine and masculine clothes (ha ha!).

While coming back, I might wear grey three-forth leggings, a pair of Converse canvas shoes, New Look leather jacket, fluorescent orange t-shirt from China, and a black handbag (again from China).

We are planning to roam in my brother's hostel's local area, and also in London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Tomorrow will be the last day of packing (of course), as my flight is day after, in the morning. I'll try my best to write, and if not write, at least post wacky pictures on Instagram.

Till then, goodnight! (I'm really hoping this shouldn't be the last day till I'm back.)

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