Kindle App on Tablets

By Rutuja Bhagwat - July 06, 2014

I've told this already: I am NOT into reading. I know you must be totally startled to see a non-reader like me, but that's the truth. I'm trying hard to get into reading, but eventually I feel like it is not my cup of tea. I lack concentration.

Anyway, I'm giving it a shot, yet again--KINDLE APP.

I'd always heard about kindle before, and had downloaded the app too, long back. However, as I did not have a laptop all by myself then, I didn't open the app much. But since I've got my tablet, it is a serious FUN to read on it.

I'm glad that I downloaded this app. Currently I have two books in my collection: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. 
Let's see how the reading goes. I'm excited to continue reading it tomorrow. 

Do you read eBooks? How?

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