Favourites // March

by - March 31, 2015

Birthday...My birthday was one of the best days of my life; and the best birthday I'd had till date.

Manchester United v Liverpool Match...Well, for the first time I have watched a football match in a sports lounge. I'd been to watch this match with my BFF, Anurag, and it was a great experience. Though I am an Arsenal supporter, I thoroughly enjoyed the match. The atmosphere was super crazy, and...just loved everything. The best was 'Who the f*** is Manchester United?' song.

India's Performance in World Cup...7 consecutive wins? You gotta be kidding me!

Driving Test Successful...Finally, all those snapchats were fruitful! I passed my driving test yesterday, and I'm soooo proud!

Semi Finals at a Mall...I had watched the Australia v India World Cup Semifinal at a mall nearby. Though we lost, the atmosphere was great. I had been there with a girl who wasn't even my classmate at school. When I shifted to a different school, she came to my old one, and we had never met or knew each other. But for the match, we went there together! How funny life can be?

Outfit Posts...I shared my two outfits on TPCG successfully and I'm looking forward to so many more. Check them out here:

Birthday Gifts...I loved all my birthday gifts.

21 Summer Activities Post...It took me so long to edit the image and write the post. I love such posts and I'm glad they get superb response.

Birthday Special Posts...There were around 7 posts related to celebration and birthday. You can say that it was like my Birthday Week on TPCG.
(Check out the posts here:

HTC Desire 820...How superb can an Android device get? My HTC is a beauty.

Holi! Holi is always a colourful and fun festival!

Shopping...Okay, weird, but I purchased around nine tops this March. Along with that, I purchased many items! I hope I'm not turning into a shopaholic.

Sun Care...I'm loving how I'm always applying sunscreen before stepping out. I also apply it on my arms, which is shocking!
Streetwear Gift Set...This is my first makeup set. I mean, I had never purchased a set with such miscellaneous makeup products before.

Turning 21...The best is saved for the last! I'm 21. Yay!!

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