Sparkly Greeting Card

by - March 15, 2015

I've posted so many greeting cards on TPCG, that now I don't have the count. For my birthday, I got three handmade greeting cards, and they're unique on their own way. I'll post each one of them in a separate post.

My best friend gifted me this along with the Assorted Gift Basket. She has used a tinted paper, ribbon, sparkle stickers, sparkle pens, and golden tape.

As you can see, she has folded a tinted paper like a closet. Later, she has punched holes and have tied a ribbon. She has decorated the flaps with sparkle stickers and a golden tape.

She has even used the interior of the flaps. And on the bigger side, she has written a birthday message with a sparkle pen.

Do you like making cards for your friends?

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