The Best Tip for BMMites

by - March 28, 2015

I regret that I didn't do this. There are a lot of tips people would give you about the course Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM). Even I had shared various tips related to BMM earlier. But hands down, no tip can beat this one.

If you are in the first year of BMM, you still have time. But if you're in SY, I'm sorry, but the clock's running! (Unless you want to skip lectures and follow this tip!)

So, I am in my last year, rather, last semester of this course, and I awfully regret to not have followed this tip myself. Call it your senior's experience, but yes, the greatest of all the tips is, of course, INTERNSHIPS.

If you think that you'll do great without them, then, hey! You're wrong.

I'm a lazy person when it comes to internships. I had interned once, for a period of three months, at a company selling online lectures; I was the content and the creative writer there, and I absolutely loved my job, until one day, when things started going absurd; the management was handed over to another guy, and the seriousness and the weight of the workload became heavier. Maybe, just maybe, that was the reason I thought of not interning anywhere after this.

But, I'm lucky that I got the lessons of the work-culture right in my first job/internship. If you ask me, I would highly recommend you guys to go for internships. The best time is now, summer vacation, or maybe, Diwali vacation.
Lot of your friends might be interning somewhere, and you might be thinking that their marks are getting affected due to internships, but no; if you work for a quarter (three months) in the vacations, you will absolutely rock your marksheet plus your resume too!

If you can't travel by local trains in summer (for Mumbaikars), you have no choice, honey. I wish there was someone to guide me through BMM. Just slather sunscreen, carry water, cover your face, wear light-coloured clothes, and just go! Go to your office, and work. You gotta do it! Come what may!

I feel sometimes, that in spite of having so much of potential and experience in the writing field, I still have so less to flaunt in my resume. (Of course I have my blog plus other outstanding academical activities, but just two internship/job appointment letters.) If you're like me and you too feel that you have potential in certain field and would surely get a job anywhere you would apply, then do it right away!  Go and apply for internships right all the FY and SY students, now is the time.

Apart from what you learn over there and the experience, internships are fun. They're funner if you're getting paid! So just forget about how hot it is outside, or how you wanted to enjoy your summer vacations, and start applying right away.
If you want sites to apply for internships, do comment below; I'll tell you where all to look for internship offers.

Thank you; and I hope I was of some help. Good evening, y'all! See you tomorrow!
Lots of love!

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