Gudhi Padva Outfit

by - March 22, 2015

Hey! It was Gudhi Padva yesterday. Gudhi Padva is the Maharashtrian New Year. The month of 'Chaitra' begins from this day.

I had never posted an outfit post on TPCG, but now this won't happen. There will be lot of such posts on the blog henceforth.

On Gudhi Padva, every year, there's a parade of Maharashtrian cultured people and different props. There are girls playing lezim, there's a little boy dressed as Shivaji Maharaj, there are kolis dancing, and also there are other important things of my city. My building friends and I go down to watch this parade every year, after erecting the Gudhi at our own places. We dress in Indian attires and go down to watch the parade. It's fun, and definitely a must watch.
Mostly, every year, I miss the initial ten minutes of the parade; even this year, I missed them.
There are women dancing, beautifully dressed in sarees and the nose rings, known as naths. Men are seen in kurtas and saffron coloured headgear known as phetas. And also, seen in the recent years, there are young boys clicking pictures of the parade with their expensive DSLR cameras. Also, there are reporters covering the event.
In all, it's a jolly time.

For this, I had worn a Kerala styled dress, which is commonly available in the market. Lot of girls wear this style of dress.
My maternal aunt had given me this dress material, and I had sewed a dress out of it. This dress is even dearer to me as she passed away few years back, and she had given me this material just few months before her death.

Dress: Kerala-styled
From: Gift
Price: Gift

Shoes: Kolhapuri chappals
From: Street store, Kolhapur.
Price: Rs. 200

 Ring: Golden Mesh Bow
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 30

Bracelets: Pearl Tower Bracelets
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: 6 Bracelets for Rs. 90

Nailpolish: Streetwear Saucy Orange
Price: Rs. 60

Earrings: Huge Pearl
From: Local train
Price: Set of Earrings and Necklace (not in the picture) for Rs. 200

Necklace: Pearls
From: No Idea
Price: No Idea

Lipstick: Streetwear PS I am Sexy
Price: Rs. 180

Kajal: Maybelline Colossal
From: Local cosmetics store
Price: Rs. 195

Blush: Lotus
From: Local cosmetic store
Price: No Idea

Compact: Streetwear Perfection Neutral
Price: Rs. 160

CC Cream: SeaSoul HD Finish
Price: Rs. 650

That's it, ladies. Goodnight! x

P.S. If you need to know the prices of the products that are not mentioned, please comment below. I'll research on the same, and let you know.

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