Finally 21 {Part II}

by - March 13, 2015

Hey! The second part of Finally 21 post starts from here:

I was going to meet my only boy best friend, Anurag, near my building. He picked me up in auto and we drove to McDonald's. I was wondering why did he take me there, as we had decided to go to a mall. I knew something was fishy.

We went upstairs, and were sitting. Shortly, he looked near the stairs and grinned at someone. Before I could even turn back, somebody came from behind and shook me. My junior college best friends were there!! I had had no slightest of ideas that the suspicious behaviour of my friend could lead to this surprise! I thought he must have planned a cake or something, but calling four girls for a surprise was amazing!

I got off my seat, and gave them a group hug. I later hugged them individually too. I was very happy. They had told me that they couldn't meet me. And I trusted them and never thought that they were doing it for this surprise.

Later, they took out a cake, and we cut it. They gave me a cute handmade greeting card, which was third of the day. And then, Anurag took out something yellow from his bag, and it was Arsenal jersey! I was so damn happy! I went to the McD's washroom and changed myself into the jersey and Levi's shorts. I was very happy.

We took two meals and two extra coke float. While having, I was getting calls from my school best friends who were waiting for me in the mall. I bade my junior college BFFs goodbye, and along with Anurag, I went to the mall.

For the house surprise, there were just two out of four of my school BFFs. So the third one was there in the mall too. The fourth one stays in another state for her graduation. I hugged the third BFF and she wished me. We later searched for a good place, and finally went to Yoko Sizzlers.
We had food and also the remaining cake. We shared our school memories with Anurag and had lots of fun.

Before going, obviously, we clicked pictures, and finally bade each other a goodbye.

I came home and after resting for about 10 minutes, I started cleaning both the rooms. There was quite a mess. I cleaned and then checked all the notifications.

The day had been a sweet one. This day would be in my memories forever. I'm glad I took its account and wrote a diary here on TPCG for reading about it in the future.


So like I said, do not expect anything. When you don't expect, that's exactly when you're showered with surprises and happiness.

Thanks for reading how it all went on my birthday.
Lots of Love.

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