Finally 21 {Part I}

by - March 12, 2015

Hello! I am finally 21. I loved, loved, loved my day. My closed ones tried everything possible to keep me happy throughout the day. I love them so much.

So before I begin with all the things that happened on my birthday (10th March), let me share my Facebook status from the day:

"Alright, so frankly speaking, I hadn't expected any sorts of surprises today; and it seems that the day was full of surprises!
This is the best birthday I've ever had, and it has no slightest of comparisons with any of the birthday till date.
I wonder what have I done so special for these mad guys that they did so much for me! I seriously wonder.
My birthday started by cutting a super yummy cake at 12 with dad, brother, and my mom, which was surprising as I didn't know when they had purchased a cake and where they had hidden it! It was lovely of them.
The 2-1 win of Arsenal against Manchester United was a big bundle of happiness in the morning. The fact that Arsenal gave a wonderful gift to me against ManU is superb!
And then...when I was in my pajamas and thankfully had brushed my teeth early morning and was watching India Vs Ireland match, I get a doorbell and it's Rutuja; like...what the hell? I was coming to meet you in college! She surprised me with muffins and an amazing basket of assorted gifts. I love her so much!
And also, India defeated Ireland. Never in my life had I had Arsenal or India's match on my birthday, and when it happened after 21 years, both the teams won.
And then...the surprise visit by Prajakta and Karthika. Decorating my entire living-room with balloons and confetti? Really? It was a total fun-filled surprise for a girl like me! Thanks a lot!
Then the lunch with family and again a surprise.
I was called by Anurag to McDonalds, and after going there, I saw Mrudula, Vishakha, Ranjana, and Shweta sitting with a cake!! They had told me that they cannot meet me, and here they were!! It was unbelievable! :*
I met Karthika, Prajakta and Madhurima for dinner again; and the time was truly beautiful.
And then...the biggest thank you to Anurag! Thanks for organizing the surprises and for the Arsenal jersey and for everything! Thanks a ton! :')
I would like to thank everybody who wished me. Thanks a lot; I'm overwhelmed. Finally 21, and maturing.
Thanks a lot, once again. <3  Lots of love!"

This is just a glimpse of what happened.


 My birthday started with phone calls and then at 12 at night, my parents and brother offered a cake. It was a huge 1 Kg or a half Kg cake I suppose. While cutting, I asked them to shoot a small video for Snapchat. After the delicious cake-cutting and the phone calls that followed, I slept around 2:00.

I had to watch Manchester United Vs Arsenal which was at night at 1:15. But as I had to wake up early the next day for my birthday plans, I didn't watch the match. Also, I was going to miss the 'beauty' sleep. I know how terrible I look if I don't get enough sleep--the skin remains oily, dark circling under eye, puffiness under eye, blackish complexion than usual, small eyes, etc. Sometimes if there are zents on my face, then they look ugly too. Thankfully, on my birthday, I had a crystal clear face.

So I slept off. After getting up, thanks to the Goals Live App, I had a notification pending in the notification bar; it was about the game that I had missed last night. Arsenal had defeated Manchester United by 2-1. My happiness knew no bounds. As I am a sports-freak, I'd always wished since childhood to have any sort of match of my favourite teams on my birthday. And luckily, both Arsenal and India (cricket team) had their matches on my birthday, and both of the teams won!! This was indeed a treat for me!
I immediately took a screenshot and uploaded it on my personal Instagram Account.

 I checked my notifications and they were in plenty! I brushed my teeth; I switched on the TV at 8:00 for India Vs Ireland World Cup match. I was watching it, and the doorbell rang. My mom opened the door with a soft "oh", which was followed by a smile. She opened the door and it was my best friend Rutuja.
I immediately got off my seat and hugged her! She wished me, and started opening the bag. She took out a packet of chocolate muffins and kept them on a plate. She put candles on the muffins. Later, she removed the giant glasses and a plastic hat. I'd seen such hats and glasses in photos, but never had worn or seen them in reality. So I liked this idea.

I wore the glasses and the hat, and she lit the candles. I blew the candles. My mom was standing there; however, my brother and my father were sleeping, and we didn't wake them up. After feeding her the cake, she took out something from her bag. I'd thought the glasses and the hat were my gifts, but they were just an added decoration. She took out the Assorted Gift Basket from her bag. I opened the gifts and trust me, I was so happy! I was very happy after everything she had done. I was supposed to meet her at 11:30 in college, but she couldn't wait for so long and so came at my place for a surprise.

After the pictures and the celebration, I took a bath, changed into a black and white striped sleeveless top (from the online haul), a pair of Forever 21 jeans, orange handbag (from Chinese online store), brown bellies (from Chinese Walmart), and red lipstick!
We left together and then I met another set of friends. We had a cake, followed by early brunch, which was super yummy! Later, as my best friend had met me already, I dropped the idea of going to college. I went home. It was already 1:30.

I went home, and then I noticed that my brother wasn't home. In some time, I got a call from my society best friend to go down at her place as she wanted to wish me. I thought it was a bit fishy, because if she wanted to wish me, she would've come at my place. But I did not think about it then, and went down. She wished me, and so did her mom. Her mom was telling me that she remembers how we looked in frock and how we used to play, back when we were kids.

 After that, I went upstairs to my place. I opened the door and my mom grinned. I went inside and my school-time best friends were there! Can you believe that? I was going to meet them at 6:30. Even they couldn't wait! I entered the living-room, and they blew up a rocket with confetti inside!
Apart from their presence and the confetti, the living-room was also filled with balloons and laughter. They were still blowing the balloons and were decorating the table and the cake. They decorated the cake with mini cupcakes and oh my God, I miss them now.

We cut the cake, and we clicked pictures. I hugged them with tears in my eyes, because this was something beyond imagination and beyond celebration. Who doesn't want their room to be filled with confetti and balloons after coming home? It was simply a superb surprise! They later gifted me a very cute handmade greeting card. The words on the card, and the hard work, just made me cry. That was wonderful!

After having cake, dhokla, and pedha, they went, and I told them I would meet them at 6:30 in a mall nearby. It was 3:00 and my parents were super hungry. Though I had had brunch, it seems they hadn't had anything. I changed to a mint coloured sleeveless top, grey leggings, diamond studded heels, and white huge wallet in hand. I did not have time to put on makeup, so I quickly washed my face, and put few makeup items in the wallet. We sat in car, and I applied a pink lipstick and puffed some compact powder on my face.

We went to a nearby pizza parlour. I was full, still I had two large pieces of pizza and one piece of garlic bread. I sipped on a little Pepsi. The lunch with family was great. I told them what all I did since morning and stuff.
We went back home, and oh, I was so full. I could puke any time, and it was horrible. Since morning I was roaming here and there, and so I hadn't even rested for few seconds. So after lunch, when it was 4:30, I lied down and rested for some time.

As the month has started showing its true colours, we switched on the air conditioner, and those ten minutes were blissful. I changed into a blue Forever 21 top, Forever 21 jeans, white bellies, and had packed another set of clothes in an Arsenal shopping bag for my next treat.


The second part of the Finally 21 will be posted tomorrow.
Goodnight, guys!


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