Collect Birthday Candles & the Like

by - March 14, 2015

Hello! I'm using my dad's HTC Desire 820, and oh my God! It's an awesome phone. I loved the themes part the most. Currently, my theme, though black, has bit of rose pink, bit of teal, and just awesomeness.
My dad had purchased it a month ago, and gave it to me today evening. I am always the second hand user of any cellphone at my place. But the cellphone this time is really, really awesome. I'm addicted to it; I'm so much addicted to it, that I'm glued to it and have been customizing it, and now my eyes are paining badly! As I had to convert my already-converted micro sim card to nano sim card, I had gone at my service provider's gallery. My sim card is not activated yet, and even then I'm hooked to my phone! 

So coming to the post, this is a great idea. Collect the candles, the 'Happy Birthday' banners or anything that comes with the cake. I have collected such unused candles, and there are more than 15 now.

These candles come in use, so don't worry. Whenever you're baking a cake at home, or when suddenly a birthday boy/girl comes at your place, and you have a sweet/cake, but no candle, you can always use one of the candles from this collection.

Recently, when my cousin brother had come home, I'd given him a chocolate muffin and had put a little candle on top of it for him to blow. So he just blew the candle, we started singing a birthday song, and he fed the muffin to us, and we fed him back. It was fun!

So keep collecting the birthday candles and all the stuff a birthday cake comes with. They're very useful.


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