Assorted Gift Basket

by - March 11, 2015

When you like almost everything you see and want to gift it to the special person, but think that you cannot gift all those're wrong. When you just don't know what to gift someone, the Assorted Gift Basket is a great idea.

Here, you can put all sorts of little things that you like, and put them in a basket, fancy bag, or shopping bag, and gift it by wrapping around gift paper and a gorgeous ribbon.

My best friend gave me such a bag; and all the things inside are very useful.


The contents inside:
  1. Basket
  2. Colourful Inked Pens 
  3. Clock
  4. Flexible Ruler
  5. Scented Envelopes
  6. Greeting Card
  7. Boots Pen Holder

Even you guys can gift such assorted pack of gifts to your friends. It saves money, allows you to buy more stuff, best friend is happy as she can open many presents, and is also a useful way. Instead of gifting show-pieces, such little basket is a great idea!


Check out how I used this trick to gift my friends:


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