Important Pages That I Have Bookmarked // List 6

by - March 07, 2015

Hey! After sharing 5 lists of the bookmarked pages, I waited for the sixth one. Now that there are enough number of pages bookmarked, I can finally share the 6th list with you.

ONE | 31 Blog Post Ideas and Tips for January
I was struggling really hard to get some ideas for the new year. I searched online and bookmarked this page. However, in the end I wrote a post not from the list. If you're a blogger and need some ideas for the new year, this is a good guide.

TWO | 50+ 2015 free printable calendars | Ultimate Roundup!
I know it's a bit late to share this with you...but I highly suggest you girls to check this page out. There are so many printable calendars; and they're so good that they will confuse you in choosing only one out of other 50 lovely designs. 

All of you (especially Maths students) have to check this page out. The hacks are so amazing that they'll surely make you love the subject at least a bit.

Here are some PINTEREST tips for the bloggers who use Pinterest. 

FIVE | Frequently Asked Resume Questions... Answered!
My Inspiration comes up with another great blog post. Here are some FAQs answered about Resumes!

If you ask me which is the best magazine for the coverage of almost all the issues like health, fitness, makeup tips, relation tips, etc., I highly recommend you to buy the Women's Health magazine. I trust this magazine, and it talks exactly about the needs of women. There is no fancy, exaggerated stuff in this magazine. 
So this post is just one of those wonderful posts. Go ahead and check these tips out.

Here's a link to the IMDb's list of college movies. Most of them are unknown and this is what I like about IMDb...the movies are unknown, which makes us have more and more movies to watch.

 Some stunning books by Indian authors for you guys.

What are you bookmarking?

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