21 Summer Activities

by - March 23, 2015

There are so many students who are done with their exams and are looking for some interesting activities to add fun in this extremely hot and boring vacation. Though my batch-mates and I still haven't got done with our exams, this post is for all those wanting for some fun.

Okay, so summer activities basically include all the water-related things. It's definitely going to help you get rid of the heat for some time, and also be helpful towards your momma.

So what are those activities?

One. Wash your clothes // If you're living in a hostel, you should probably go and wash the dirty heap of clothes. Also, if you're living with your parents, I'm sure there might be some light-coloured clothes kept in your bathroom to be washed with hands, as machine-wash is simply risky for them. Go ahead and wash those light-coloured and delicate clothes. Guys, your football jerseys, too, need some good washing. So don't hesitate and wash them now; help your mom.

Two. Wash your bags // If you are bored of your bags, it is probably because they don't appear fresh and new. It's high time that you wash off the dirt, and flaunt your bag this summer. Also, most of your bright coloured bags tend to get dirty soon; wash them before you head for a day-out or a swim in a beach or pool with your best friends.

Three. Wash your shoes // As it is summer, you won't need shoes and boots. So wash your flip-flops and flats and bellies. We generally use the flip-flops too hastily, and it is time you wash those pretties; after all, they're the ones who are there with you throughout the summer.

Four. Wash your belts // As the belts go inside the t-shirts, we ignore them. But you need to get up and wash your belts...or they might protest and you would have your pants slip down! Avoid the embarrassing laughter, and wash the belts.

Five. Have a self-pampering shower // Due to final exams or hectic routine, we often wash  our bodies pretty quickly. We tend to ignore the body parts like neck, elbows, knees, feet, knuckles, etc. So why don't you go in the shower and spend a good hour on rinsing your body completely?

Six. Join Swimming // May it be just a new stroke that you don't know, or may it be  just 'casual', join swimming. It is going to add a total refreshment to your dull vacation. And if your society has a swimming pool, then viola!

Seven. Clean bathroom and toilet // Help your mom with cleaning these two water-based units. Cleaning bathroom is a total fun, I promise you!

Eight. Do the dishes // If your maid takes a sudden leave, you can do the dishes. Put the fan on its maximum speed, turn on the music, and wash the dishes; it is the best summer activity so far.

Nine. Wash your vehicles // Though somebody else washes the vehicles for you, washing them yourself is better. The man assigned for washing might just do it for the sake of doing, but if you do, you're going to make sure every inch of your vehicle is clean.

Ten. Sweep the floors // When I was little, my brother and I used to sweep floors once in every summer vacation. Instead of washing them professionally, we used to pour some water on the floor, and well, SLIDE. My brother and I used to love this.

Eleven. Clean the veranda and/or stairs // If you're living in a bungalow, you're sure to have some empty space as your veranda. So wash out the veranda! You can also clean the stairs near your door, or that of your bungalow.

Twelve. Gardening // One day, in the evening or in the morning, just go down, and water all the plants in your society. You can take the pipe from the gardener and help him one day. The smell of the earth is surely going to refresh you, and it's a water-based activity, therefore, it is going to be a cool one.

Thirteen. Make water bubbles // My brother and I used to sit in our balconies, and blow bubbles made out of water and soap. All you need is water, soap, and paper.

Fourteen. Play water-Holi // Take your little cousin's water-gun and spray water on each other on terrace or at home. But don't forget to clean the house later!

Fifteen. Hit the beach // Going swimming pool and beach are two different things. Going to the beach allows you to eat bhel, swim, play Frisbee, or better yet, take selfies.

Sixteen. Go on a vacation at a cool place // Go on a trip to the mountains where there is cold throughout the year. For Indians, you can go to J&K and enjoy! Oh dear! I want to go there, right NOW!

Seventeen. Make lemonade and store it // You can make lemonade or other juices and store them in refrigerator. They're great when you are thirsty, dehydrated, and need energy. You can similarly make kokum serbat and give it to the guests or your parents.

Eighteen. Wash your pets // Wash your pets. It is going to be fun as they wag their tails and make you wet along with them!

Nineteen. Have ice cream // You can either have or make ice cream at home. Either way, you're going to love it.

Twenty. Wash Kitchen Platform // Another fun way to bring in the cool is to wash the kitchen platform. You have to simply pour water everywhere, and then clean with a cloth or a mop.

Twenty One. Go to water resort // This is a real fun activity. Going out to water resorts with family or friends is a way you can enjoy summer and also spend some really great time with your dearies. Watch: What to pack to a water park

What are your plans this summer?

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