DIY Notice Board

by - March 29, 2015

Here's another DIY for you guys. My BFF, Pournami, is just like me, especially  when it comes to liking stationary and the DIY projects.

She lives in a hostel, and so having notice boards and to-do boards is must. She made a colourful Notice Board to pin her stuff on it.

She had sent me the below image in April 2014. I had saved it for my blog's emergency. As I was studying right now, I did not have time to think for a long topic. So I opened my OneNote, and I got this topic from there.

(Sorry for the bad quality.)
Okay so she has taken her journal's cover, and has stuck a chart paper over it. She has drawn slanting lines, and then has coloured those lines with crayons. You can also use pencil colours!
She has later drawn stars in different sizes. And then, she has written 'My Notice Board' on the paper. Finally, she has stuck the paper on the wall.

And then, she used her sticky-notes for small reminders, and pinned papers for larger reminders!

That's it. Goodnight, my lovelies.


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