Summer Outfit

by - March 24, 2015

Hey! Here's a second outfit post. My dad had clicked these photos before we went out for my driving class. (I also had carried a pair of glasses, but they were in my bag!)

T-shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
From: Tommy Hilfiger Showroom (Men's Section)
Price: Rs. 1,000 approx.

Leggings: Grey three-fourth length
From: Local store
Price: Rs. 300

 Kajal: Streetwear Color Rich
Price: Rs. 99

Compact: Streetwear Perfection Neutral
Price: Rs. 160

Lip Balm: Joy
From: Reliance Fresh
Price: Rs. 25

Cap: Woodland
From: Woodland Showroom
Price: Rs. 900 approx.

 Ring: Black Bow
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 30

Nailpolish: Channel [V]
From: Local Store, Bandra
Price: Rs. 20

Bag: Messenger Bag
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 180

Shoes: Brown Bellies
From: Lotus Departmental Store, China
Price: Rs. 200

Thanks for the likes and views on my first outfit post, guys; if you love outfit posts, do comment below. The suggestions are welcomed.

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