Best Replacements for Birthday Cakes

by - March 16, 2015

Alright, so when suddenly a birthday boy or a girl comes home, and you don't have a birthday cake, what do you do? There are quite a few options that can be, no doubt, the best replacements for a birthday cake.

Many times, we have a chocolate muffin, mava cake, slice cake, or something similar at home. When the birthday-person comes home impromptu, you can give him few of the pieces that are left, put a birthday candle, and ask the person to blow it while you sing a birthday song.

This post is an extension of the post Collect Birthday Candles & the Like. If you have these cakes or pastries, along with the candles, then trust me, the birthday-person would love it!

Also, if you're meeting a birthday-person, and he doesn't have any grand plans, and also it's month end and you don't have much money with you, you can simply buy a cute pastry in the person's favourite flavour, carry a candle and a matchbox, and you'll just rock it.

Another idea is having two slices of bread and a sweet-spread, like a fruit jam, chocolate-spread, caramel-spread, etc. All you have to do is make a sandwich out of the sweet-spread, pierce a candle, and ask the person to blow it!!

If you have any sort of sweet like pedha or some other Indian sweet, you can use the similar trick.
Also, if you have waffles or anything that is sweet in taste, you can use that too.

Oh! And cream biscuits are a great replacement too! For my BFF's 19th birthday, we had kept four chocolate cream biscuits on top of each other, and had erected a candle besides it on the table. It was a great idea. As those days, the pocket money used to be less, we used to have less money with us. Hence buying pastries or cakes used to be a big deal.

So these are my really quick ideas to turn anything sweet into a birthday cake. What are yours?


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