Favourites // February

by - March 02, 2015

There are quite few good things that happened in February.

  1. Visited my dream college's campus...One of the best things about my dream college is its campus; it's marvelous. Irrespective of whether I make into it or no, I am happy that I could see it and marvel at its beauty.
  2. India's performance in the on-going cricket World Cup...Right from the first match against Pakistan to the latest one against UAE, India is playing brilliantly. More than winning, I'm happy that we are winning massively. I feel that India is really at its best currently.
  3. Experiments with food...You know I am not really a kitchen-person. I don't like cooking or helping mom in kitchen because I lack patience and I believe there are innumerable other things that are better than cooking. But since this crazy food haul, luckily, you would find me in kitchen too. Having an interest in kitchen is more important than just being in kitchen because you have to help mom or impress someone.
  4. My first interview! Needless to say, but this point should top the list of my February favourites. Giving an interview is an achievement in itself, and I'm glad I could achieve it in mere 20 years of age.
  5. Confidence in the Personal Interaction/Interview...I cannot ignore this point and I should feel good for it. Most of the times, my personal interaction sessions aren't good enough. This time when I had been to Pune for the PIWAT, it wasn't like that. My interview with two big persons went very smoothly. Though I sucked on the part that I had forgotten the name of our Railway Minister, I was confident in saying that I didn't remember the name. Confidence is the key to these interviews, I feel. If you are confident and your resume is not that strong, even then it works as a positive force towards your selection. It doesn't matter whether you get selected or no, confidence is what matters. And I guess these interviews are kept to understand the candidate and his/her confidence.
  6. The unseasonal rains, followed by cool atmosphere...The sudden rains have brought in cool winds and amazing atmosphere. People are enjoying as they enjoy in monsoon and that's so much fun.
  7. Carrying lunchbox to college...Nowadays I carry a healthy lunchbox to college and it has been so beneficial.
  8. The Sun Gel protection...Before stepping out, I don't forget to apply a bit of the sun protection gel on my face. To avoid the oiliness, I puff some compact powder on my face. I hope I'm really protecting myself from aging early and the future pigments on my face.
  9. Experiments with makeup and learning the lingo of the makeup world...I've been so fascinated with makeup products recently. Though yesterday, I spent all my savings on an online haul, I will buy and experiment with makeup products or styling products next month, i.e. in April.
  10. Seeing my fridge full of stuff like taste-makers...Ha ha! My refrigerator is not one of those filled with yummy stuff. But now if you see inside, you'd find pizza/pasta sauce, tomato ketchup, mozzarella cheese, butter, mixed fruit jam, cheese spread, mayonnaise, chocolate spread, caramel spread, etc. These are the life savers, truly! 
  11. The little girl's birthday party...Attending 5 year old girl's birthday party takes you back to those days when you threw such parties and invited your school and building friends, and fed them Pav Bhaji, black forest cake, potato chips, and a glass of Mirinda. It's seriously amusing to see how the little girls cut their cake and then rejoice after seeing the amount of gifts they're receiving.

These eleven points summed up my February. What were your favourites?

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