DIY To-Do Board

by - March 27, 2015

OMG! You guys have to check (and make) this DIY project. My BFF, Mrudula, had sent this to me in November 2014, and I'm posting this today. As always, I was waiting for better pictures, but eventually, we both forgot.

Sorry for the bad quality!

She's used graph-paper, thermocol pieces, tinted sheets and pieces, sketchpens, cello-tapes, glue, push-pins, and other decorative things in order to make this gorgeous and brilliant board.

  1. Take a graph-paper.
  2. Stick full length tinted sheets on it.
  3. Stick pieces of tinted sheets.
  4. Stick pieces of thermocol. You can also cut shapes of thermocol and stick on the graph-paper.
  5. Use fancy erasers, which have bad erasing quality, as decorative items.
  6. Use sketchpens to write motivational sayings on the graph-paper. You can also divide the tinted sheets as per different things. For example, she has written 'AIMS' besides a tinted sheet, which indicates that the sheet she is pointing is reserved for her aims. 
  7. Pin your immediate to-dos on the thermocol pieces which act like your cork-board/notice-board.
  8. Finally, stick your graph paper (to-do board) on the wall using glue. She has used Fevicol Mr. Easy Flow for sticking it.


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