Huge Glasses

by - March 17, 2015

Well, among the other 'To Post's, the Huge Glasses post falls under the birthday/celebration category too. While my birthday celebrations were on, I had noticed many things, and had taken a note of them on my OneNote. That's exactly why you're seeing so many birthday or celebration related posts on TPCG currently.

I had mentioned it on the Finally 21 post about how my BFF had got a plastic hat and a pair of huge glasses. I had also mentioned how I'd loved the idea of bringing these celebratory add-ons.

Just look how huge they are! They're bigger than my face.

My BFF takes the hat and the glasses for every such surprise, clicks photo with the person having their birthday, and then takes the hat and glasses back home. I loved this idea. You can either gift these plastic stuff or carry them as an additional decoration...both the ways are nice.

So all of you, who haven't worn such pairs of glasses or have never seen them, or have no clue about where you would find them, let me help you. You can get these crazy head and eye gears in cake shops or other gift shops. I don't think they cost that high. They're affordable, and are lovely.

Lots of love.

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