Santoor Glycerine and Apricot Hand Wash

by - April 01, 2015

 I had never loved a hand wash so much. Though other brands have good smell too, this one is outstanding.
I don't know if you have smelt the liquid soaps at food mall toilets or no, but the sweet smell of them is similar to that of Santoor.

After washing hands with other brands' wash, after some time, our hands smell somewhat weird. (We expect the smell to be intact even after many hours. But the smell of other branded wash goes off in fifteen minutes. We wouldn't want such products, right?)

What's so great about this Santoor wash? The smell, and its lasting capacity. The smell remains intact even after hours of using it. And the wash basin, where we usually keep our hand wash, smells good too. The whole basin area is brilliantly aromatic due to it. mother purchased three refill packs from Reliance Fresh, and got one free. She got four refill packs in Rs. 120 only.

So if you're bored of other brands, Santoor is a good option!

P.S. These are my own views, and this post is NOT sponsored by anyone.

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