How to Start Studying

by - April 06, 2015

Hey! So I guess for most of you, sitting for studies is a big thing. You might study well once you start it, but starting in itself is near to impossible for some of you guys. Here's a little help from my side, to start with the big thing-

Start with a fresh mind and a fresh face...Often, exams come around the hot months of October, March, or April. So we often are irritated, and the whole day goes in a very irritating mood. So, before you start with the studies of the day, wash your face. I recommend washing your face with a face-wash, and not merely with water. Washing with a face-wash ensures a clean, aromatic, and a fresh face, and it indeed is a great start for something so boring.
If your face is fresh, tie up your hair, and then I bet you'll automatically feel fresh enough to start. (This won't be applicable if you are sleepy. Make sure you get plenty of sleep.)

Select a perfect place...There's a place in your house where you can study really well. May it be your room, your kitchen, your living-room, your parents' room (below the heavenly air conditioner), or maybe on your terrace, college's library, or simply anywhere; select a place that would have the magical studious and a serious atmosphere to help you get started.

Clean the clutter...A cluttered room is always going to distract you. So, clean the room. At least clean the area that you're facing at. It is really frustrating to see mess in your room while you study. You might get distracted to that mess, and then you'll end up losing the concentration.

Keep water next to you...During these hot months, don't find an excuse and get up for water every time. Sure, there should be mini-breaks, but there shouldn't be any excuses. And what if you're at your best of concentrations, and you're luckily able to solve all the maths problems, and in between you're thirsty? It is always advisable to keep a water bottle while you study. You can even keep a glass of water and sip in between, to wet your throat, or to quench your thirst.

Keep all the subject's books with you...Often, when we are studying, we come across a question that has its answer in some other book. If you get up to take your book, chances are, you will end up doing something totally different. Our room is a lovely place, and I am sure you will find so many things to do there. So, the best thing is to keep all the books--college books, textbooks, guides, questionnaire, self-notes, printed notes--of the subject you're studying with you.

Keep all the supplies you will need...I did not mention preppy supplies here! Because, I don't know why, but I am feeling like this post is directed towards guys. This time, I'm not talking to the girls, but to all the male TPCG readers.
Yeah, so keep all the supplies like pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, calculator, geometry set, etc., with you while you study. If the supplies are of your choice, then you'll be better at studying. The main aim is to not get up because your pen's ink has dried!

Keep a dictionary with you...If you can control yourself from unnecessarily chatting or visiting social networking sites, then you can use the dictionary-app for this. But if not, keep a dictionary with you. Often, we come across words that are just beyond guesses; for that, you'll need a dictionary. Also, some sentences cannot be absolutely understood without knowing the meaning of that one super-tough word in them.

If you're a cellphone addict, keep the cellphone away...Yeah, please. Best thing is to give your cellphone to your mom, or hide it somewhere.

Keep off the social networking sites...Sure, these sites are entertaining, but they can turn off your mood, like simply, anything! That girl/boy you have hots for, has clicked a selfie with some other boy/girl, and you turn into a Devdaas, suddenly. To avoid that, avoid visiting these sites during your study-time.

How do you kick-start?

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