Summer Travel Outfit

by - April 26, 2015

Hey! Sorry for not writing for three days in a row. I was done with my last paper and so was out. Day before yesterday, I was out to an arts festival. And yesterday, I went to Pune, and came back on the same day. Finally I'm done with exams, and I'm so relieved!
Well, this is the outfit I wore to my one-day trip to Pune yesterday. Trust me; it was so comfortable.

This is the best outfit for summer, I guess.
These are the steps of my second house, which is in Pune. It was my grandfather's. (Rather we still call it as "Ajobancha Ghar," which means Grandfather's House, when we refer to this place.) This is a bungalow, and these are the steps inside! My cousin brother, Pratik, clicked these pictures.

This is like the West meets India. Lot of people asked me about the pants. If you want to know about those, read further.
And yes, this is the terrace. The work is still in progress. (Ignore the black sunglasses in some pictures; I had worn my cousin's that time.)

Now let's get started with the outfit:

Crop Top: Forever 21
From: Forever 21 Showroom
Price: Rs. 400 (I guess)

Handbag: Orange Handbag with Lock
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 500

Pants: My mom's Salwar
From: No Idea
Price: No Idea

Flats: Gold
From: Street
Price: Rs. 100

Sunglasses: Bluish-Purple Aviators
From: No Idea
Price: No Idea

Lip Balm: Joy
From: Reliance Fresh
Price: Rs. 25

Compact: Streetwear Perfection Neutral
Price: Rs. 160

Kajal: Maybelline Colossal
From: Local cosmetics store
Price: Rs. 195

That's it. (I'm glad I'm finally buying stuff from the streets.) ;)

// From this outfit:
Sukuma Cotton Solid Salwar
GardenVareli Polycotton Solid Salwar
Navyou Cotton Printed Salwar

Crop Top:
La Zoire Party 3
La Zoire Party Short Sleeve Solid Women
La Zoire Party Short Sleeve Solid Women
Veni Vidi Vici Casual
FabAlley Women's Crop Top
Fashley London White Crop Top For Women


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