Little Hearts for Storage

by - April 12, 2015

Hey there! I was in a search of good gift-wraps to cover my books that had this semester's self-notes in them. While searching, I came across a gift store where I saw these cute little heart-shaped key-chains hanging on a screw. I loved them instantly. I did not purchase them that day, but just few days back.

I asked my BFF if she wanted this too, and on that she replied, "Yes; get all the things that you buy. I don't want to be jealous later." And then she asked me to purchase two for her.

I wouldn't have purchased them if they didn't have the storage. Heart is a good shape, but if it didn't have an opening, it would've been a sure-shot flop idea.

The above two are my BFF's. The last one is mine.

I've used my tin box for keeping office supplies. Now this box is in my pencil pouch!

 You can keep coins, earrings, rings, safety pins, etc. in them.

And the box costs Rs. 50. I know it's a bit pricey. But as we don't get many such items in India, we can surely put in more money.

P.S. If you want to know the store details, comment below, or write to me in the Contact Form, which is in the bottom of this page. Also, you can write an e-mail.

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