How to Colour the Circles like a Boss

by - April 21, 2015

Hey! It's a small tip. For university and other competitive exams, there's a need to colour the circles while filling up our details. The circles are supposed to be circled in black ink only. This colouring process becomes hell of a task, especially when you're already freaked out. I seriously hate doing that.

But fortunately, I realized a way that helped me colour those annoying little circles with ease.

While colouring the circles for my second paper, I was luckily using a pen with a thicker nip. I was using a thin nip on my first paper. But while using a thicker one, I realized that it made a hell of a difference. So, make sure your black pen has a thick nip for finishing colouring the circles quickly!

Another tip for this is the method of colouring: Draw slant lines touching the circle, and then colour the remaining white area inside the circle.

The main thing is to colour the circle completely, so it doesn't matter if a bit of colour is going out of the circle. There's absolutely no need to bring out the artist in you and then colour it!

Check out these pens with thick nips:
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