Green Tea

by - April 14, 2015

I didn't get a better name for the post than this. I have three types of green tea at home, and I would love to share them.
I have seen many people drinking green tea recently, and I guess it'll be a great idea to share my packets of green tea here.

But before that, if you don't drink it yet, go and check out my post on the Benefits of Green Tea:

All these packets/types are from China.

ONE | Powdered | My dad's Chinese colleagues gifted him this box.

It had a gorgeous yellow coloured cloth inside, and there were two such boxes kept royally on it. We gave one of the two boxes to my cousin-grandparents.

This is how the pack looks like. It is an aluminum wrapper just like we get in cereals. All we have to do is cut the wrap, and sprinkle the powdered tea in the water (like we do with milk tea). I haven't opened this wrap yet.

TWO | Green Tea Bags | This is probably the most common type found in India. They're too expensive, if I'm not wrong.

This one is FLAVOURED green tea though. My dad purchased it from Chinese Carrefour. It is a honey flavoured one.

THREE | Green Tea Leaves | Yes, there are actual leaves that are shrinked into tiny gift packs.

These gift packs look like they're chocolates. I drink this type the most.

My dad got this gift as well. There was another box like this, but I guess it is over. I wasn't a green tea fan then.

That's it. I'm gonna re-use the tin boxes and the green box as it is too sturdy and has magnetic lock-system. I'm glad that I have started drinking green tea at a regular basis. x

P.S. A post on how to make green tea is coming soon. Stay glued.

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