Studying #7 (Press Laws and Ethics)

by - April 15, 2015

The 'Studying' post is getting featured on TPCG after so many days, rather, after a year. I don't know why, but I loved all the supplies that I was using yesterday night to study.

My finals are starting from tomorrow, and I started studying the paper I have tomorrow yesterday night at 10:00. I studied nicely from 10:00 to 2:00. I guess the only reason why I was motivated till 2:00 was my stationary! I loved the supplies.

Last semester, I wasn't really good at using these cute supplies. This semester, I'm back with them, and so I am motivated automatically.

Here's a look on the stuff I used last night:

 My question bank, with a pink pen-pencil.

Index Cards with extremely quick notes. (Check out how to make index cards here.)

 The little guy, along with an index card that has all the important years of the subject.

A look inside my self-notes. An orange coloured pen really brightening up my mood.

Little froggie saying me "hello". (Here's a link to my collection of stick-notes:

College notes along with my Fab Bag used as a pencil pouch. (How cute is my book?)

Black bear saying "hello"; and there's a pink stick-note peeping from behind.

Index cards of an answer pinned together by using a u-pin. (Check out 5 uses of index cards, in case you didn't know how to use them:

Finally, packed the books at 2:00 last night.

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How's your setup? Anything similar? x

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