Long List for Writing Doubts

by - April 08, 2015

Hey there! Today's prelim got cancelled because nobody was prepared. I'm glad it did, because I myself was not prepared. The subject 'Press Laws and Ethics' is one of the toughest subjects in BMM. And we had its prelim today. (Now you know why I'm glad that it got cancelled?)

Okay, there are two types of Long Lists' usages that I am going to write on TPCG. I will write the one based on 'Writing Doubts' today, and the second trick would be posted tomorrow.

Just take a strip of paper. I folded my unused 2014 agenda's papers into half, and then cut them, to create these long lists.

Often while we are solving a question bank, a maths problem, or making a balance sheet, we come across doubts. We tend to either forget asking those doubts to someone, or simply become too lazy and eventually don't ask. So in order to avoid this, the best trick is to write them down on such long lists and then ask when you get free.

My format: I wrote the subject's name, and then followed it by doubts. You can strike off the doubts as and when you clear them.
You can write all the subjects' doubts one below the other.

When there's a pre-exam doubt-solving session, just carry this long list and the textbooks, and you're all set.


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