How to Make Green Tea

by - April 17, 2015

Hey! Yesterday's exam was okay. It wasn't great, because I did not write any quality answers. Actually the questions were such, that restricted us to write good, quality answers. So now, let's leave it on the examiner. I'm glad that this sucky paper is out of my life.

We had an exam today too, and the subject was a bit boring. We didn't have much to study, and so I was procrastinating. I had started to study, but my cousins came home, and they were talking loudly with my parents. So I couldn't concentrate and thus chucked it. After that, I watched TV till 9:00, and then my brother came home from his work and his classes. So, my parents were talking to him. I couldn't study then too. Yesterday's weather was a bit hot, and so, maybe, I didn't have the correct mood to study.

Anyway, my paper went well. Now I have an off on Saturday and Sunday, which means I'm totally relaxing until tomorrow evening! All the above was written yesterday, but as I got bored eventually, I left the post in the drafts, and edited it today.

So, finally, whew; how to make green tea? This post is dedicated for all those who haven't had a cup of green tea in their lives or simply don't know how to make it. There's no rocket science involved, but still, let's see how it is done.

I have two methods for the two forms of green tea that I have at home. Actually I have three forms of green tea at home, but I'm showing just two methods. The third method, for the powdered green tea, is more or less like how we make milk tea in India...except, don't put milk in this one.

First method is for tea bags.

Take hot water in a cup. You can either do it in a microwave oven or on the stove. Put the tea bag in the hot water.

I typically keep the water along with the tea bag in the oven for 30 seconds, and I'm done. I'm too impatient to wait for the long process.

After that, let the bag sit down in the water for few minutes. Start sipping it a bit. And then gulp it down!!

The second is for the tea leaves.

Take hot water, and put green tea leaves into it. Stir, stir, stir.

 After a while, once you see the leaves are opening themselves up, filter the tea. Remove the leaves.

Oh and the green coloured water you see is your green tea! Enjoy! x

How do you make your cup of green tea?

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