Goals // April

By Rutuja Bhagwat - April 02, 2015

The biggest goal in April is to study and study harder. My prelims are starting from day after.

ONE | To Study for Prelims | My preliminary exam begins from 4th; i.e., day after tomorrow. I'm so freaked out, as we had to collect and download notes ourselves. I completed the process of bookmarking and gathering notes of all the subjects today. Now, I have to print the word document on which I have pasted the notes. This pasting of notes on the word document is finished only for the first subject (on which there's a prelim on 4th); and more 5 subjects are yet to go. Unfortunately, the printing papers are out of stock, so dad's gonna go down and buy a new packet now. I have never printed notes in this year till now, so I'm worrying how much the whole bundle would cost. So I'm gonna print them at home only.

TWO | To Study for Finals | My Finals are from 16th of this month. They'll end on 23rd, and I will be truly relieved. Studying for Prelims and Studying for Finals are two different things, and so I've mentioned them under two separate points.

THREE | Sun Care Routine | While I'm my exams are on, I must not forget applying sunscreen, drinking water, eating watery fruits, and all other summer care stuff.

FOUR | Keeping it Preppy | Nowadays, I'm not the same preppy student as I was before. I tend to hurriedly turn the pages and study as fast as possible. As I start studying pretty late, I don't have time to utilize all the preppy items and study. It wasn't so in the last year, and so I was enjoying.
So I must see to it that I keep my preppy self with me, and study; because I have observed that if I study in that way, only then I enjoy studying, and only then I score good marks.

FIVE | PIWAT Results | In the first two rounds of the PIWAT, I did not make into the merit list. I'm still on the waiting list, and I hope I make into it in the month of April.

SIX | Enjoy after 23rd April | I will thoroughly enjoy as soon as my finals get over. Just waiting for that golden day (and I'm not even kidding).

That's it. What are you goals this April?

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