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by - April 13, 2015

Hey! It's a requested post from a school friend, Rashmi. She says she takes a lot of tension on exam days. Though I asked her to read the post Exam Tips, she needs something in details, something exclusively for the last-minute study.

ONE | Making Self-Notes | I've highlighted this point so many times on TPCG. Make your self-notes, as they're going to be your last minute tool. I've seen so many people browsing through their textbooks as the teacher shouts, "Keep your bags and books away; do it, or else I will not give you the papers!"
Self-notes preparation should be started within a month or weeks' time before the exam starts. If you don't know how to make self-notes, check this link out:
When there's just few minutes left for the bell to go, you can quickly glance through the notes.

TWO | Highlighting Important Points | If you have highlighted important points, or made a note of ONLY the important points, they become a great tool for the last minute study. All you have to do is go through the important points really quickly. (Some people can forget what they study few minutes before the exam, so they avoid studying. For such people, I would recommend studying fifteen minutes before, using almost all the tips mentioned in this post.)

THREE | Index Cards | If you've made any index cards for points, distinguish-between, definitions, etc., you can read them too. (Check my top 5 uses of Index Cards for a better last minute study aid:

FOUR | Focusing | Few minutes before the exam are always full of chaos. People are walking through the passages, wishing luck to their friends who are sitting three columns away from them, saying how screwed up they are, or discussing about what would be asked in the paper. Ignore all these things, and focus; focus on those important points that you're reading. Ignore how the teacher is yelling to keep away the books. Quickly, finish the answer, and then go and keep the books.

FIVE | Taking the Exam Necessities | Here's a post telling you what things to carry to an exam:
When you keep the bag, make sure you've collected all these. If you're writing your exam, and suddenly remember that you need a ruler, don't get up to take the same. It's gonna waste two minutes of your precious time.

SIX  | Ensuring you're Cheat-Free | My mom always tells me to check the desk, or the floor beneath my legs to see if there are any pieces of paper or other copy-material. Many times, students throw their copy-stuff near someone else, and then they're the ones to get caught. In order to avoid being a copy-cat, check the floor, desk, pockets, pencil pouch, and any other thing that could be a place to hide papers. You don't want to get caught in spite of being innocent. Sometimes, it could also happen that you wrote some formula on your hand while studying last night, and forgot to erase it, and the supervisor catches hold of you!

SEVEN | Discussing with your Friends | Call me shameless, but when the teacher says to not talk in those ten minutes before the actual exam starts, I discuss important questions with my classmates that are sitting around my bench. We often forget sub-points of a difficult answer, and we really need them, else we're screwed. So, go ahead, and discuss it with your classmates. I don't think it is disobedient of me, as it is absolutely fine to talk in those ten minutes, as we don't have question papers in front of us yet.

EIGHT | Self-Preparation of Points | You can remember the formulas (formulae, okay?), definitions, sub-points, diagram, in those ten minutes before the actual bell goes. If you forget a formula, there's point number SEVEN to help you.

NINE | Keeping the Cellphone Away | Seriously guys? Your girlfriend is not going to text you amidst the exam. So kindly, kindly keep your cellphone away. If you think keeping cellphone in bag is a 'nerd' thing, then keep it when nobody's watching you. But, please, keep. The vibration mode, or the feeling that you're getting a call from someone is really going to trouble you while writing the paper. So keep it away. Keeping it away does NOT mean switching it off and still keeping it in your pocket.
If the supervisor catches you, you're dead, Mister.

TEN | Keeping Cool | It's just an exam. Do not freak out. Take deep breaths even if you really freak out. Smile, and just let the tension go away. You're not failing, NO WAY. You're gonna be amazing out there, and the results are going to be better than what you expected. Trust yourself!

All the very best, guys! Go ahead, and make yourselves proud. Love ya loads!

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