Motivation for Studies

by - April 11, 2015

Hey! So yesterday when I was checking my snapchats, I got a private snapchat from a college mate, Aishwarya. She had shared a picture of sticky notes with some really great idea for motivation. We lack the motivation and the will to study. Here's a great idea that will help you stay motivated throughout these exams:

On one of the parts of her sliding doors at home, she's stuck different coloured sticky-notes for a quick glance.

I loved how she's stuck at the place she's probably the most, i.e., her swing. She can lie backwards, and read these points in a totally relaxed way.

Even you guys can stick sticky-notes or pin little notes on any of the walls, or simply any place where you are found the most.

The notes consist of important points and answers, along with questions, and the best is, there are motivational sayings and words too...
Another great thing is that she has used different colours. The door seems so organized...and the work is so clean. Loved the whole up-do.

Yay! How great I must have felt after reading this?

Lots of love. Goodnight! x

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