Organizing an Event // New Year's Party 2014

by - January 01, 2014

Wrote the post's title two hours ago, but wasn't quite in the mood to begin the post. I'm down with cold, major cough and a feverish body. And, there's lot of mess in my room, which is annoying me more.

Yesterday's event did rock, but it definitely would've been better if I was alright. Not that I'm saying I'm great (LOL) or anything, but honestly, I had interesting plans coming up in my head, but couldn't execute as I had fever, and was lying sick on the bed.

Planning began since December 26th, with me being one of the decision makers, too.
We first decided the menu and the place. After lots of cancellations, we finally came up to Pav Bhaji, an ice cream cup, and if the money still stands, then maybe a piece of any Indian sweet. We thought of ordering pav bhaji from outside, but then we thought it would be heavily expensive. Later we thought of hiring a stove and cooking on the terrace with all the ladies, but then, weren't quite sure where we would get a stove on rent (plus, that would've been a bit expensive too). Finally, we decided to cook it at one of the member's kitchen, and give her Rs. 100 for the gas.

Later, we ran up and down in all the three buildings to write the names and collect money- Rs. 50 per individual. That's way too cheap, I know, but trust me, it is too much for few people in the society.

There were lots of things to do- order pav and ice cream cups, shop for vegetables for the bhaji, collect money, decorate the terrace, mix party songs, etc.

Now let me just tell you the things that happened on the 31st-
I got up in the morning and figured out I was having a very bad cold and a feverish body. Still somehow I tried to go up the terrace and decorate it. I guess this made me get a hot body temperature. So after the decoration was done, I came home, and rested for while. Later, I stared feeling cold, and then, I ended up with two blankets, a fat sweater and cotton balls in my ears.
After checking the temperature, it was 101, and I freaked out. I wanted to go to the party, anyhow. I'd been working hard on it. Later, the fever went down, by 8 o' clock. I somehow convinced my mom, and she agreed. And there I was, on the terrace.
I'd honestly thought the event would be a bit boring, just because there were hardly members of my age, but, nope, it was great.
So the terrace was all lighted up, there were balloons, chairs, music (loud music), people and enthusiasm. The event started at 9 o' clock, with 'musical chairs' as the first session. Musical chairs was a totally spontaneous act. The guests enjoyed it. It was followed by dance performances by little girls and a tabla performance.
There was dinner (of course Pav Bhaji) followed with gulab jamun, and ice cream cups as dessert.
After the dinner, there was just dancing, and it lasted till one in the night.

I'm so not in the mood for explaining everything in details. I hope you had fun on the 31st night.

And, I wish you guys a very amazing New Year ahead!

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