IIT Powai/Bombay Hostel Room

by - January 30, 2014

So I went with my cousin sister to IIT Powai/Bombay to visit another sister who lives and studies there. And it was fun. I was overwhelmed with their campus. It is amazingly beautiful. I wish I studied there and lived there (I've already started dreaming about it).

This is the side of my sister's room. It has a bed, a worktable and a cupboard. She has kept everything so neat.

This is her cupboard. Though it is small, she somehow has fit her clothes and her accessories inside.

This is her worktop. It is so clean, with bottles kept on it. There's a makeshift board in white, to pin down your daily schedule and other stuff.

I'm going crazy to live there.

P.S. Sorry for not writing the blog for the past couple of days.

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