Best Buy(s) // December

By Rutuja Bhagwat - January 08, 2014

Again a December-post in the month of January!


This packet of 100 Tinted Sheets, I bought from one of the shops in Crawford Market. The packet is for Rs. 80. There are five colors in it: Blue, Yellow, Brown (which looks like Purple in the dark), Green and Red. I've used five or more sheets already. They're A4, which means I can attach them to my projects and assignments. 
The uses till now-
  1. New Year Party Invitation Cards (2014)
  2. Greeting Card for Best Friend


Umm yeah. It's only and only because there's a 50% extra of it, inside. I got this bottle for Rs. 90.

100 ml plus 50 ml

Comparison of a regular bottle vs the offered one (frontal view)

(side view)


What are your Best Buys of December?

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