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Finally, a post on my Agenda. I'm too excited to show it you guys, but frankly I feel I haven't done a good job in writing it. It has several mistakes as it is my first Agenda ever, and I needed to be very cautious in writing things.
But now I feel I have stroke off too many things, and wasn't sure of which pens to use and stuff, so the Agenda is looking very, very bad. So right now, I won't write a post on how to maintain it, but just a post on how it is, or few tricks that I've used.

So this is how it looks. I've changed the cover. It was a cream one, with flowers. I don't like too floral-y, so I thought of changing it to my favorite polka dotted one.
I changed the cover a few days back, because I had to make a post on it today, anyhow.
There's a plastic cover on it, so I'm happy that the cover won't get spoilt.

These are the 'Resolutions'. I feel embarrassed after reading these. I wrote them in 2013 while I was writing Dates To Remember.

This is the Yearly view. There are three such Yearly views. So I used them in this way: 1. Birthdays and Anniversaries, 2. College and 3. To Do
This gives me a clear look of the entire year in these three categories.
(I haven't completed this view yet. Only January and February items are covered here, because I kept them as the priority first.)
TIP: Put a symbol describing things. Birthdays and Anniversaries have the Heart shape, whereas others have a Star shape. It saves a lot of space and doesn't look shabby.

I obviously made this page. The page previous to this had some major corrections, so I stuck that along with this and then stapled them together. Later I stuck the red Tinted Sheet to the combined papers and then stuck a Washi tape along the borders to ensure all the three sheets were together.
After that, I stuck a paper and then wrote Monthly on it, and later sprinkled glitter on it.
TIP: Always cover the bad pages with such sheets or such ideas.

I know you can see only mistakes on this page. But I'm sure I won't repeat them the next year. I've chosen February because January had all the chaos on it.
TIP: Always start writing the dates and other things in pencil first. Else you'll end up having a dirty agenda like mine.

This is the Weekly one, and no, this time I didn't go wrong anywhere.

This is the first week of January in the Weekly view.
TIP: Utilize the space provided to the maximum, and DON'T write how I've written 'Advertising Proj. Submission' in big fonts!

This is the Key/Keys that would categorize different aspects of my life. So, I would use a different colored pen for different category.

These are the flags that I stick on the page that is currently going on. For example, today is 27th January, which means the 4th week of January. So I'll stick the flag on this page.

Finally I've kept the Blog Book and the Expense Book in the plastic cover. It makes everything easier to carry one book, instead of three.

So are you planning to make an Agenda yet?

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