17 Things to do in Winter

by - January 21, 2014

I don't know how suddenly I felt like posting this, when winter is halfway over.

1. Cuddle in a Blanket // Cuddle in your favorite pair of PJs and a warm blankie to beat the winter chills.
    2. Spend a night with loved ones // Be it your family, friends, best friends, love or someone else, make sure you spend some quality time with them. How about cooking and eating a nice hot dinner together?
      3. Sleep and dismiss your Alarm // If you're very busy and your schedule is hectic, then one day (for God's sake one day), skip the schedule. Switch off the alarm and have a tight sleep. Take care of yourself.
        4. Drink hot cup of coffee // Ah! As soon as I mention Coffee, we can imagine the sweet aroma of Coffee. Drink it. Try new flavors.
          5. Wear your favorite sweater // The obviously-perfect time to wear sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts!
            6. Go on a vacation or a day trip // Go on a vacation or a day trip. Nothing's going to be as awesome as this.
              7. Read a good book // Read a nice novel or a story book.
                8. Watch a Christmas movie // Watch any Christmas movie. Be it Barbie In A Christmas Carol or a Home Alone movie.
                  9. Sit by a campfire // When you'll be outdoors at night, don't forget to light a campfire and sit next to it.
                    10. Drink hot bowl of soup // A soup with ginger taste.
                      11. Spend a night outdoors // Take out your cars and bikes, and go on a night-out. Take jackets and mufflers to accompany you.
                        12. Plan a sleepover with friends // A girl's sleepover is the best. Bake cookies, listen to music, mani-pedi your friends, eat popcorn, eat candies, cuddle up and watch a romantic movie with your best friends.
                          13. Have an ice cream // Which flavor would you want to have? Chocolate or Caramel?
                            14. Eat a pizza // Eat a freshly made pizza.
                              15. Upload a screenshot of the weather on Instagram // When you feel cold, immediately open the Weather app on your phone, take a screenshot and upload it on Instagram.
                                16. Write a valentine's day letter // Instead of buying expensive gifts, write a handwritten letter to your special one.
                                  17. Bake cookies with mom // Bake chocolate chip cookies with your mom.

                                  Have you done these things yet?

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