Things that I Loved throughout // December

by - January 07, 2014

A late post on the things I loved in December. I don't think of many of 'em right now, but surely have a couple of things to jot down.
I know it's not good to look in the past, but hey, if the things are good, then why not?

  1. 150 + Followers on Instagram // I thought I wouldn't get many followers, because I don't upload photos of myself, but of random things. The followers are 168 right now, and I'm happy.
  2. Winter // My college's time is afternoon, so I don't get to experience the winter as such. But whatever it is, I love this weather. 
  3. Family Time // The post on Vaastu Shaant brought me close to my maternal family. And I love some family time. 
  4. New Year Party // Though I had 101 fever, the party was fun. 
These are the only things I remember. I hope you have dozen of items in yours. 

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