Goals-To-Achieve List // January

by - January 05, 2014

I know it's late to write a Goals-To-Achieve post, but I honestly did not have time to scratch my head and think anything. (Oh yeah, my professor didn't come today, so my project work went in vain.) 
So talking about goals, some are going to be the same, like last year (or like December), but some might change, you know.

  1. 300 Likes // There are just 287 Likes on my Facebook page, and I would want them to be 300 this month. I've tried many things for attraction, but, let's see. 
  2. Helping Mommy // The sad thing is, I couldn't achieve this goal last month. I hope I do it, this month.
  3. Interesting Posts // There are lot of post ideas striking to me, and they're gonna be awesome (at least for me).
  4. Enjoying the IV // This year's IV (Industrial Visit) is going to Udaipur, Rajasthan. I hope I enjoy it. 
  5. Writing Agenda // So, with the new year, I'm writing my first agenda. I hope I follow it.
  6. Updating Expense Book // I hope you guys made an Expense Book for yourselves, too. I'm gonna see to it that I update it, after every expense I incur. 
  7. Being Creative // I want to be more creative and give more of DIYs to you guys.

I can think of only these right now. 
What are the items on your January's Goals-To-Achieve List?

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