Project Kidswear

by - January 04, 2014

This was the project I feared the most, and it was right after the cozy Christmas vacations. So it's obvious, we had to laze around, before actually even discussing the project.
Tomorrow is the submission, and I guess we are pretty much done with it. Let's see if the content is right. Well, for the first time, all the PPT is self-written, which means plagiarism-free. And there are 25 + slides, whew.

I kind of like making slides in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It is because I've known a great way to change the templates of all the slides.
Last time, when I mentioned that I won my first-ever presentation prize, I applied the same trick.
And this time, it's the same too.

This is the layout/template I created for the slideshow. I used Suri Cruise's photo for showing the topic Kidswear, and the boxes are just random designs. The reason why I chose this color was because it suited Suri's trench coat. Actually, I picked the color from her coat!
I chose this theme to show clearly that the slideshow is gonna be about Kidswear, and hence the light hot-pink color.

Last time, I had used a Tanzanian flag as my template, because the topic itself was Tanzania. Half of the people listening to my presentation would've thought that it's just a template from the templates section, but, nope, it wasn't.

I'm glad I love making PPTs, well, at least editing them.


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