Indian Cupboard Organization

by - January 22, 2014

Hello everyone! Well I still have the old styled Indian cupboard, which I treat like my closet or a wardrobe. So if you have a similar type of closet, then this post might be of help. If you feel that the closet is too small to hold your belongings, then read this post. I'm sure many of you might be having this type of closet.

This is how a typical Indian cupboard looks like. I bought this in December, 2006. After seven years, it still manages to look new.

This is how it looks like from inside.

To the right side of the cupboard, there's a door. I've hung my jeans on the hooks. This saves a lot of space. Always utilize the backside of the doors.

This is the left side door. I've put my caps and belts on the hooks that were already attached to the cupboard.

This is the left side portion, below the caps and belt.

A place to put in bangles and bracelets. Always disliked this place in my childhood. But now I know its importance.

I've kept my socks here.

The right side of the cupboard door simply has few photographs and ribbons tied for decoration. There are no compartments here to keep anything.

This is the upper side of the cupboard. Here I've hung all the floral tunics. As you know, I'm a t-shirt girl. I don't wear tunics and girly tops. So these tunics are something strange to me. Hence I wear these for presentations or small birthday parties.

I generally use colorful hangers. The grey hangers are the old. But if at all I have to buy a packet of hangers in the future, I would go for colorful.

This is the upper left side. I've wasted the space, I know.
You can utilize it by keeping extra bottles of moisturizers, sprays, or the like, or even keep pajamas and t-shirts.

I've folded my Dupattas and hung them on the rod. Dupattas are mess to handle. This was my sister Sheetal's idea. You can put your scarves here, too.

This is the place where I keep my secret box. I also keep my teddy here. If I keep the teddy out of the cupboard, I fear the dust might get accumulated all over it.

These drawers have earrings, necklaces, makeup and extra things.

Alright, this locker is a sheer waste. I haven't kept anything secretive inside. There are random things. I really need to work on that. Do you have any idea as in what to keep inside? Or, what do you keep inside of such lockers? Tell me in the comments below the post.

Oh, and that's an original horse-shoe nail.

These are the first-two compartments where I keep my clothes. First compartment has all the clothes I wear on regular basis.
1 and 2 have all my t-shirts that I wear to college. The 3 pile has all the Kurtis and Leggings that I wear to college. The 4 pile has all the pajamas and the t-shirts that I wear at home.

The second compartment has my dresses, sweaters, Punjabi suits and old jeans.

The last compartment has all my bags, purses, handbags and clutches. I've got to increase this space. There are just too many bags in there.


This was my traditional Indian-styled cupboard. What type of a cupboard do you have? Also, is the arrangement similar to mine?

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