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by - January 20, 2014

The 'Get Featured On The Blog!!' has got a mail, already.
This one is by Jefin Johnson- a very great fan of the blog. He's been commenting on almost every post, and has loved the blog.
He was my Guitar teacher, back in my tenth grade.

Let's see what the mail reads-

Hello Rutuja,
This mail is in reference to your "get featured on the blog". I've attached images of 2 book shelves / places where i keep my books. please find the attached images for your reference.
These places are the only ones which are managed and organised by myself.

1st compartment

2nd compartment

The first book shelf (with 2 compartments) is for my fictional, non fictional, religious and educational books. I've kept them on top. 

Second compartment has all my old b.m.s books and sisters cosmetics and embroidery things and other unused things.

Front piles

Back piles

Second image is of a movable trolley where i keep my current academical books. As you can see I've kept the heavy dictionary in the back after reading from the books shelf blog of yours... I've also kept old b.m.s books which i need to refer for my studies...

3 rd image is not a books shelf cupboard but its a corner which i maintain properly... its where i keep my guitars and guitar equipment.... (10 meter jack to jack cables, guitar amp, acoustic guitar and electric guitar on their respective stands and guitar processor safely kept on a computer cartoon in the back)
                                                                                                Thanks and regards
                                                                                                        Jefin Johnson


Whew I must say the organization is so neat. 

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