Tips for Pretty Nails

by - January 06, 2014

Well, once again. Not my area of interest.

Always wondered how you'd get awesome digits? Then this post might help.

  1. Get Soft Cuticles // Here's a home remedy for soft cuticles. Heat a cup of olive oil until it's warm, and NOT hot. Soak your fingers inside it until the oil gets cooler. Remove your fingers from the oil and wash them with soap and water. Finish this process with a moisturizer. 
  2. Don't Bite your Nails // Nail biting hurts, but again it also exposes you to germs. So beware. You don't wanna hide your 'red' hands.
  3. Get Rid of Stains on Nails // Applying dark shades of polish again and again can make your nails turn yellow. If you wanna avoid these yellow stains, try putting a base coat before applying polish. And if you already have stains, then soak your bare nails in a bowl of warm water with FEW drops of lemon juice. 
  4. Don't Freak Out if you mess with one Finger while Polishing // This is pretty common. But there's always a way. Carefully dip an ear-bud inside your nail polish remover, and wipe off the dirty and smudged nail polish. 
  5. File Your Nails like a Professional! // It's always difficult to file your nails in one shape or length. So, for a check on that, constantly turn your hands and see the nails, and adjust accordingly. 
  6. Find Out your Perfect Shape // Look at the pink line beneath the white tip of your nail. That's the shape you gotta give to your nails. 
  7. Keep your Nails Short // Keeping your nails shorter looks decent and nice. 
  8. Don't let your Nails break // Try putting moisturizer, or consume lots of calcium products. 


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