Paper Organizing Folder

by - January 11, 2014

Remember I had mentioned about it in the Favorite Compartment Cleanup post? And how I promised I would write a post on it. So here's it.

I got this traditional looking paper organizing folder as a present for scoring 90.18% in my SSC Board, from my mom's friends. 

There are compartments inside: Four small and two big. Small to keep receipts and other small papers, and big to keep A4 size papers, certificates, documents, etc. 

There are various other specifications like a Velcro to keep the flaps attached to each other, a paper insert-er (I don't know the correct word for this), and Id Card holder.

(It is a very short post, I know. I am very busy. The project Kidswear which I had on the last Sunday, is postponed on tomorrow. Working on it.)


Where do you keep your documents?

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