Drawer Organization // Reader's Post

by - January 19, 2014

Hello! I'm back from Udaipur, and the things I carried were absolutely perfect. And the best part is, few of my juniors and seniors approached to me saying thanks for the list, and that it was totally helpful. Trust me, it was so awesome to hear something like this, from 10 people! I was so Happy.

I couldn't write from there, for the simple reason that I did not have time. Whenever I had free time, we chit-chatted, and otherwise, I was busy.

Well, these photos were sent to me by a blog reader and my best friend- Mrudula Muley. She didn't ask me to upload, so let's surprise her! She sent me these photos on WhatsApp after I had posted on Drawer organizations.

This is supposedly her first drawer. She's arranged all of her stationery items here, which includes glue, glitter glue, tape, pins, stick notes, etc.

This drawer has chords, camera and glass-case.

How perfectly it is organized!

If you wish to get featured on this blog, send me your organized photos and write a paragraph on them for explanation, and mail them to me at rutujabhagwat10@gmail.com, or message me on the Facebook page

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