What's in my Pencil Case?

by - January 23, 2014

I haven't carried a pencil case to school/college since my 8th or 9th grade, except for exams (maybe). I really, really need to make this a resolution. It's a must to carry a pencil case to any educational institute. But, who is going to carry it anyway?
My college-mates ask the teacher herself for pens, and I'm talking here about carrying a pencil case! That'll be like a lottery for them.

Anyway, I still made a case for college. Actually I was carrying many pens to the exam yesterday, so I thought I need something to put them together, and hence this case.

After searching a lot, I finally decided to use this pouch. I don't wanna use pink pouches, so thought a clear one would be better. These pouches are mostly found on the streets in rainy season. When you halt at a traffic signal, you'll definitely find a small boy coming towards you to sell these. These pouches are available in different sizes. The real purpose of these is: protection of mobile phones from rain. But anyway I thought of using them as a pencil case.

This is how it looks after having all the things inside. I've got lot of things, so the size is perfect for me.

It has a zipper.

Things inside-

Things I need to put inside-


I love these things. I just thought of putting them inside. You never know when you'll need them.

So, the focus is wrong, but this is my 4 GB pen drive. I keep it inside my multi-utility pouch. Pen drives can be useful any time. If your friends have amazing movies, and you want them badly, then what? 

Highlighter and Marker. I carried the marker because I need it to highlight things for the exams. Marker to draw a Star on my wrist.

Colorful fine liners. This one is from Stic. I got a packet of 20 pens. I have a teal colored one inside this case. I change the colors according to the outfit I'm wearing. If I'm wearing black t-shirt, I carry a pink or a girly shaded one. If I'm in a floral tunic, then I carry a brown or any of a dark color.

The pink one is a pen-pencil. I guess it is too unique to buy. I mean I haven't seen it with any girl. I don't remember from where I bought this. Others are the regular pens. 


That's it. Do you carry a Pencil case? 

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