10 Benefits of Green Tea

by - January 09, 2014

My father returned from China, and along with it, got us many packets of Green Tea. This tea is said to be originally found in China, and then was found in the rest of Asia too. My dad even told me how to make it and drink it, the Chinese way!

I've read a lot on internet about its benefits, and got few points on the same-

  1. Keeps the Weight in Check // If you feel that you eat a lot, and are not quite sure whether your weight is increasing or decreasing, then you must sip a cup of Green Tea. It helps you keep a check on your weight.
  2. Increases Metabolism Rate // Do you know slim people have such bodies because their metabolism rate is high? So no need of skipping your meals. That's just gonna make you fat. Instead, try consuming 4-5 meals per day. Oh, and yeah, drinking Green Tea helps your metabolism rate to increase. 
  3. Fights Cancers // Drinking this tea helps in fighting cancerous cells, keeping healthy cells undamaged. The antioxidants in Green Tea protect against cancers like breast, skin, lung, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, ovarian and oral. 
  4. Hydration // Green Tea keeps you hydrated, just like water. 
  5. Sun Protection // Drinking this tea can keep you protected from the sun's UV rays. Also, applying green tea extracts to your skin, plus your regular sunscreen can give you lots of protection from the sun. 
  6. Anti-ageing // Antioxidants in the tea keeps you from ageing. 
  7. Skin Glow // Since it keeps you hydrated, it automatically gives you a healthy and glowing skin. 
  8. Keeps Diabetes in Check // Green Tea helps in regulating glucose levels. It also slows the rise of blood sugar. It stimulates insulin production too.
  9. Boosts Up Immunity // It helps in making the body stronger in fighting various kinds of infections.
  10. Reduces Heart Attack Risk // Drinking Green Tea improves the health of body cells that lie near the blood vessels and also helps in lowering one's risk of heart disease.

P.S. Please refer a good site for additional and more precise information about Green Tea. It also has side effects. So do read them before going crazy. 

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